Completing the Major:  Disciplinary Communication

All students entering 2009 or later must satisfy a Disciplinary Communication requirement in addition to the requirements for their major.  Courses used to satisfy the Disciplinary Communication requirement must be taken at UCSC.  They cannot be transferred from another institution.

For a complete guidelines for the Disciplinary Communication general education requirement, see the Academic Senate.

Use the chart below to determine which courses satisfy the Disciplinary Communication Requirement for your major:

Major Disciplinary Communication Courses
Ecology & Evolution BS BIOE 107, Ecology, and BIOE 109, Evolution
Marine Biology BS

BIOE 107, Ecology, or BIOE 108, Marine Ecology, or BIOE 159A, Marine Ecology Field Quarter: Marine Ecology with Laboratory, and BIOE 109, Evolution.

Plant Sciences BS BIOE 107, Ecology, and BIOE 109, Evolution