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BIOE: Course Offerings 2016-17


Unless noted below, all courses will have an auto-enroll wait list, check your student portal for your 2nd-Pass Enrollment appointment.  Wait lists do not become available until second pass enrollment.

All students enrolled, waitlisted, or seeking a seat in courses MUST attend the first class meeting.

BIOE 75:  For information, see the Scientific Diving Program.

BIOE 82:  New addition to spring 2017.  Interested students should submit an application by March 17th.

BIOE 85:  Due to a classroom conflict, the time for this course will be changing to Friday 2:30-6:30.  The course has filled, and will remain closed until this time change has posted to the schedule of classes.  The instructor for the course will be posted to the schedule of classes once they have been officially assigned.  

BIOE 118:  This course is currently full.  To seek a seat in the course, please add to the wait list.  The wait list becomes available in your second pass enrollment appointment.

BIOE 128L:  Enrollment by application.

BIOE 150/150L:  Not offered spring 2017.

BIOE 183W:  Students may enroll directly but must have faculty sponsor arranged and completed undergraduate research contract on file with the department by first class meeting.

QUESTIONS??? See our Enrollment Basics for more information and help trouble-shooting your enrollment.