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BIOL: Course Offerings 2016-17

Spring 2017 ENROLLMENT UPDATE: 2/17/17:

If the MCD course you are seeking enrollment in is full, please do the following:

1. Waitlist the course during your second pass enrollment (see below for more information).
Spring Second-Pass Enrollment and Wait List Begins: Tuesday March 7, 2017
Please waitlist the course you are seeking a seat in during your second pass enrollment appointment. You can see your wait list appointment by clicking on "details" under "Enrollment Dates" in MyUCSC.

2. Attend the first day of class and sign in.
All students enrolled, waitlisted or seeking a seat in MCD-BIOL courses MUST attend the first class meeting and students seeking a seat must sign-In with the instructor.

Unless noted below, all courses that fill will have a wait list during 2nd-Pass Enrollment.

All students enrolled, waitlisted or seeking a seat in courses MUST attend the first class meeting.

BIOL 20L Experimental Biology Laboratory:  Priority enrollment is restricted to declared Human Biology majors.  Students from other majors must attend first class meeting to request enrollment in the course. Priority given to seniors.  Enrollment will open 9am on February 28th and will be available only to seniors on 1st-pass, then opened to other class-levels for 2nd-pass.

BIOL 105L Eukaryotic Genetics Laboratory:  Priority given to graduating seniors. 

BIOL 109L Yeast Molecular Genetics Laboratory:  Priority given to graduating seniors.  

BIOL 112 Virology:  Application link for enrollment.

BIOL 115L Eurakyotic Molecular Biology Laboratory:  Priority given to graduating seniors.

BIOL 121L Environmental Phage Biology Laboratory: Enrollment by permission of instructor. 

BIOL 126 Advanced Molecular Neuroscience:  Course restricted to Neuroscience majors; other MCD majors will be accommodated on a space available basis.  Students not declared Neuroscience should complete an enrollment request and MUST ATTEND the 1st class meeting to be eligible to enroll.

BIOL 186L Undergraduate Research in MCD Biology:  Students must obtain a faculty sponsor, complete an application, and bring completed application to the first class meeting.

BIOL 189/W Health Sciences Internship:  The Health Sciences Internship Program is only available to declared Human Biology majors.  Students wishing to participate in the internship program should bring a completed application to the internship information meeting, which is offered early each quarter, or contact the Health Sciences Internship Coordinator.  

Fall 2017 BIOL 110 Prerequisites Changing:

Beginning Fall 2017 the prerequisites for BIOL 110 will be the following:
BIOL 100 (Fall & Winter)  and BIOL 101 (Winter & Spring) OR BIOC 100A (Fall)
BIOL 105 (Fall, Winter & Spring) and  
BIOL 101L (Winter & Spring) or 20L (Fall, Winter & Spring)

If you will have completed the current prerequisites for BIOL 110 Cell Biology:  BIOL 100 + BIOL 105 + Biol 101L, before Fall 2017 please complete the enrollment request form

The department will review each students individual situation who completes this form. Students will be notified of options before Fall enrollment begins.

QUESTIONS??? See our Enrollment Basics for more information and help trouble-shooting your enrollment, or email: