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Spring 2017 ENROLLMENT UPDATE: 2/17/17

Unless noted below, all courses that fill will have a wait list during 2nd-Pass Enrollment.

Students who do not attend their first lab meeting will be dropped.  Attendance will be taken in the first 10 minutes, students not present when roll is taken will be dropped from the lab and their seats given to those on the wait list. All students enrolled, waitlisted, or seeking a seat in a course lecture MUST attend the first class meeting.

If a course fills, check your student portal for your 2nd-Pass Enrollment appointment and enroll on to the wait list.

First Year Students: Sequencing of General Chemistry 1A, 1B, 1C

Please note that CHEM 1A and CHEM 1B do not have to be taken in order These are 2 separate courses that do not build upon each other. You may take 1B prior to 1A. You may take 1A, 1C and then 1B. CHEM 1B does not have any pre-requisites. CHEM 1A requires placement in Math 3 or equivalent. CHEM 1C requires a prerequisite of CHEM 1A. Please keep this in mind if you find your Gen Chem course is full. You may have other options!

Senior BMB Majors - BIOL 115 has moved to Spring Quarter! Please plan accordingly. Contact advising if you need assistance with your academic plan.

CHEM 1M: If you are currently wait listing CHEM 1B and are not enrolled in CHEM 1B you will not be able to wait list a 1M lab unless you have passed CHEM 1B previously.

CHEM 1C: If course fills, check your student portal for your 2nd-Pass Enrollment appointment and enroll on to the wait list for CHEM 1N. Once you're enrolled in 1N from the wait list you can enroll in CHEM 1C.

CHEM 1N: If course fills, enroll on to the wait list. If a seat becomes available from the wait list you will receive an email from the enrollment system asking you to now enroll in the CHEM 1C lecture. For instructions on how to wait-list the lab, go to How-to: Wait List a Required Lab.

The Organic Chemistry series has been re-numbered. Chem 108A and Chem 108L will now be offered as lower division Chem 8A and 8L fall and winter. Chem 108B and Chem 108M will now be offered as lower division Chem 8B and Chem 8M winter and spring. This is a change in numbering only.

CHEM 8A(Previously 108A): If class is full, enroll onto the wait list. Once you are enrolled from the wait list into 8A you can then wait list 8L.

CHEM 8L(Previously 108L): You will not be able to wait list 8L unless you are enrolled in 8A or have previoiusly taken 8A. 

Independent Study Petition for Spring Quarter - If you need an independent study course number for enrollment for either your Senior Essay, Thesis, or Lab Research - this process has now moved online. Remember you must have an informal agreement in place with the Professor prior to completing this form.

Senior Exit Requirement (Thesis or Essay) - Reminder - in order for this requirement to be considered complete, we must have a signed cover sheet in file. This process has also moved online.

QUESTIONS??? See our Enrollment Basics for more information and help trouble-shooting your enrollment.