Science Education Concentration

The Science Education concetration provides future K-12 science teachers with coursework aligned with the California K-12 earth and planetary science standards; a broad background across the sciences; and a thorough introduction to educational theory and practice including a sequence of three classroom-based internships.  Additional biology, astronomy, and ocean science courses required for this concentration ensure that students are very well prepared to enter a rigorous teaching credential program and, ultimately, a career in education.  The senior comprehensive requirement involves a curriculum-development project jointly overseen by faculty in Earth & Planetary Sciences and UCSC's Cal Teach Program.

Students may start with either the Cal Teach or Physical and Biological Sciences for degree and course information, but must stay in contact with both for dual advising and development of study plans as well as approval for formally declaring the major.

Follow these steps to complete your Science Education BS degree:
1.  Getting started in the major
2.  Qualify for your major
3.  Declare your major
4.  Make an academic plan
5.  Review your academic plan with a faculty advisor
6.  Complete your major requirements
7.  Satisfy your Disciplinary Communication requirement
8.  Satisfy your Senior Exit requirement
9.  Graduate
Optional: Participate in undergraduate research and/or write a senior thesis
Optional: Receive honors in the major