Earth Sciences BS with Environmental Geology Concentration:  Major Requirements

For a printable major checklist (PDF) for the current academic year, click here.


Calculus:  ONE series from the following...
MATH 11A + 11B Calculus with Applications
MATH 19A + 19B Calculus for Science, Engineering, & Mathematics

General Chemistry:  CHEM 1A + 1B/M + 1C/N

Geology:  ONE of the following...
EART 5/L California Geology
EART 10/L Geological Principles
EART 20/L Environmental Geology (recommended)

Physics:  ONE series from the following...
PHYS 6A/L + 6B/M (preferred)
PHYS 5A/L + 5B/M

Biology: BIOE 20C Ecology & Evolution

Environmental Policy:  ENVS 25


EART 110A/L Evolution of the Earth & Lab
EART 110B/M Earth as a Chemical System & Lab
EART 190 Earth Sciences Mentorship (optional, 1-unit)

Electives:  A total of six upper-division elective courses is required. 

Four upper-division elective courses, 5-units or more, chosen from EART: Earth Sciences or OCEA: Ocean Sciences

NOTE: 5-units of internship (EART 198) or independent study (EART 199) may be substituted for one upper-division elective.

Recommended Electives: 

  • EART 100/L Vertebrate Paleontology & Lab
  • EART 101/L Invertebrate Paleobiology & Lab
  • EART 102 Marine Geology
  • EART 104 Geologic Hazards
  • EART 105 Coastal Geology
  • EART 107 Remote Sensing of the Environment
  • EART 109/L Elements of Field Geology & Lab
  • EART 110C/N The Dynamic Earth & Lab
  • EART 111 Mathematics in the Earth Sciences
  • EART 116 Hydrology
  • EART 119 Introduction to Scientific Computing
  • EART 120/L Sedimentology and Stratigraphy & Lab
  • EART 121 The Atmosphere
  • EART 125 Statistics & Data Analysis in Geological Sciences
  • EART 128 Isotopes: Earth & Marine Sciences
  • EART 140/L Geomorphology & Lab
  • EART 142 Engineering Geology for Environmental Scientists
  • EART 146 Ground Water
  • EART 148 Glaciology
  • EART 150/L Structural Geology & Lab

Disciplinary Communication (DC) Requirement: 
TWO of the four MUST be from the following:

  • EART 100 Vertebrate Paleontology
  • EART 101 Invertebrate Paleobiology
  • EART 102 Marine Geology
  • EART 104 Geologic Hazards
  • EART 109 Elements of Field Geology
  • EART 120 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
  • EART 125 Statistics & Data Analysis in Geological Sciences
  • EART 140 Geomorphology
  • EART 146 Ground Water
  • EART 148 Glaciology
  • EART 150 Structural Geology
  • EART 152 Tectonics
  • EART 160 Planetary Sciences
  • EART 188A Summer Field Internship
  • EART 191A Climate Change Science and Policy
  • EART 195 Senior Thesis

Two additional upper-division environmental elective courses: 5-units or more, with environmental topics chose from the following disciplines.

NOTE: Courses may be used to satisfy both the elective and DC requirements.

Comprehensive (Senior Exit) Requirement: 
ONE from the following Senior Capstone options:

  • Summer Senior Field Internship: EART 188AB 
  • Senior Thesis:  Generally requires 3-quarter commitment, enroll in EART 195
  • Graduate course: Must achieve grade of B or better; must be 5-units and include written report
  • EART 191 Climate Change Science & Policy
  • Internship: Must complete written report, may enroll in EART 198

NOTE: None of the above may count as an upper-division elective if used as a capstone.

For more information on satisfying the comprehensive requirement, please see the Senior Capstone page.