Transfer Students

Whether you are planning for your future transfer or already admitted to UCSC, we aim to provide our transfer students the information and support needed to successfully complete a science degree at UCSC. 

If you are planning on transferring to UCSC to pursue an Earth Sciences major, our Transfer Preparation information provides a list of the coursework you should complete prior to transfer. Completing coursework prior to transfer allows you more time and flexibility to take advantage of the educational opportunities our programs provide and can reduce the cost of your education, for more information please visit Transfer Preparation.

If you have already been admitted to UCSC as a transfer student, our Transfer Orientation provides instructions on how to transfer your coursework to UCSC, the advising and support available, and how to enroll.  Our online Transfer Orientation, while not intended as a substitution for attending summer orientation, provides all the critical information you need to transition to UCSC and begin your major coursework.

For information regarding applying for admission to UCSC as a transfer student, visit the UCSC Admissions web site.