Academic Planning

Students must develop an academic plan for completing their degree requirements prior to meeting with a faculty advisor.  Below are the steps and resources you need to develop a plan.

1.  Download an Academic Planner (PDF)

2.  Understand your catalog rights:

"Catalog Rights" provide you with the option of following your majors requirements in effect the year you entered UCSC, or the option to select the requirements established in a subsequent year.  Keep in mind that you must follow one catalog year in it's entirety.  For clarification see the Registrar's information on Catalog Rights.

3.  Download Major Checklist (PDF):

4.  Determine if you are qualified for your major:

5.  Reference these sample academic plans:

6.  Sequence your courses according to the prerequisites listed:

7.  Verify the courses will be offered:

For more information about developing an academic plan, see the Undergraduate Advising information: Devising a Four Year Plan