Biology BA Bioeducation Concentration: Major Requirements 2016-17

View the printable major checklist (PDF) for the current academic year.

Letter Grade PolicyAll courses for the major must be taken for a letter grade.  Only courses with grades of C (2.0) or better can be used to fulfill major requirements.  Courses in which you receive a grade of C-, D+, D, D- or F cannot be used to satisfy a major requirement or satisfy a prerequisite for another course.

Qualification Policy You must meet qualification policy criteria to be eligble to declare this major.


Calculus:  MATH 11A  OR MATH 19A

General Chemistry:  CHEM 1A + 1B + 1C/N

Biology:  BIOL 20A + BIOE 20B + BIOE 20C

Organic Chemistry:  CHEM 8A/L + 8B

Statistics AMS 5 OR 7/L

Physics:  PHYS 6A/L OR PHYS 7A/L

Education:  EDUC 50C CalTeach 1: Science

Astronomy:  ASTR 2 Overview of the Universe (optional*)

Earth Science:  EART 20/L  Environmental Geology (optional*)

*Recommended for students pursuing a general science teaching credential.


Biochemistry:  BIOL 100

Molecular Biology:  BIOL 101

Genetics:  BIOL 105

Ecology:  BIOE 107

Evolution:  BIOE 109

Teaching Science:  *EDUC 185C

CalTeach 3 Science:  *EDUC 185L

CalTeach 2 Science: *EDUC 100C

Issues of Diversity in Education: ONE from the following...

*EDUC 128 Immigrants and Education
*EDUC 141 Bilingualism and Schooling
*EDUC 164 Urban Education
*EDUC 181 Race, Class and Culture in Education

Cell & Development:  ONE from the following...
BIOL 110 Cell Biology
BIOL 115 Eukaryotic Molecular Biology
METX 119 Microbiology

Physiology:  ONE from the following...
BIOE 131 Animal Physiology
BIOE 135/L Plant Physiology/lab (lab must be taken concurrently with lecture)
BIOL 113 Endocrinology
BIOL 130 Human Physiology

Laboratory:  ONE 5 unit upper-division biology lab course OR
BIOE 131L Animal Physiology Lab
BIOE 135L Plant Physiology Lab
BIOL 130L Human Physiology Lab

(METX 135/L Human Anatomy cannot be used to satisfy this laboratory requirement)

Students satisfy this requirement by successfully completing courses BIOE 107 Ecology and BIOE 109 Evolution. (Note: DC courses must be taken at UCSC.)

To complete the major, all students must satisfy a senior exit requirement.

*NOTE: Be sure to check prerequisites and timing of offerings for electives taught outside of Biological Sciences.