Biology BA: Major Requirements 2017-18

View the printable major checklist (PDF) for the current academic year. 

Letter Grade Policy: ALL courses for the major MUST be taken for a letter grade.  Only courses with grades of C (2.0) or better can be used to fulfill major requirements.  Courses in which you receive a grade of C-, D+, D, D- or F cannot be used to satisfy a major requirement or satisfy a prerequisite for another course.

Qualification Policy You must meet qualification policy criteria to be eligible to declare this major.


Calculus:  Calculus is not required, however Math 3 is a prerequisite/co-requisite for Chem 1A

General Chemistry:  CHEM 1A + 1B

Biology:  BIOL 20A + BIOE 20B + BIOE 20C

Physics:  PHYS 1 OR PHYS 7A OR PHYS 6A  (PHYS 7A & 6A require concurrent enrollment in PHYS 6L)

Statistics:  AMS 5 OR AMS 7/L


Genetics:  BIOL 105

Ecology:  BIOE 107

Evolution:  BIOE 109

Anatomy or Physiology:  ONE from the following...
BIOE 131/L Animal Physiology/Lab (lab optional)
BIOE 133/L Exercise Physiology/Lab
BIOE 134/L Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy/Lab
BIOE 135/L Plant Physiology/Lab
BIOL 130/L Human Physiology/Lab (lab optional)
METX 135/L Human Anatomy/Lab

General Electives:  FOUR upper division electives from the following...
BIOE 108 Marine Ecology
BIOE 110/L Biology and Ecology of Vertebrates/Lab
BIOE 112/L Ornithology/Lab
BIOE 114/L Herpetology/Lab
BIOE 117/L Systematic Botany/Lab
BIOE 118 Plants and Society
BIOE 120/L Marine Botany/Lab
BIOE 122/L Invertebrate Zoology/Lab
BIOE 124/L Mammalogy/Lab
BIOE 125 Ecosystems of California
BIOE 127/L Ichthyology/Lab
BIOE 128L Large Marine Vertebrates Field Course
BIOE 129/L Biology of Marine Mammals/Lab (lab optional)
BIOE 131/L Animal Physiology/Lab
BIOE 133/L Exercise Physiology/Lab
BIOE 134/L Comparative Vertebrate Physiology/Lab
BIOE 135/L Plant Physiology/Lab
BIOE 137/L Molecular Ecology/Lab
BIOE 140 Behavioral Ecology
BIOE 141L Behavioral Ecology Field Course
BIOE 145 Plant Ecology
BIOE 145L Field Methods in Plant Ecology
BIOE 147 Community Ecology
BIOE 148A Quantitative Ecology
BIOE 148B Quantitative Methods In Ecology And Evolution
BIOE 149 Disease Ecology
BIOE 150 Ecological Field Methods
BIOE 150L Ecological Field Methods Lab
BIOE 151ABCD Ecology and Conservation in Practice
BIOE 153ABC Arctic Ecology
BIOE 155 Freshwater Ecology
BIOE 155L Freshwater Ecology Lab
BIOE 158L Marine Ecology Lab
BIOE 159ABCD Marine Ecology Field Quarter
BIOE 161 Kelp Forest Ecology
BIOE 161L Kelp Forest Ecology Lab
BIOE 163/L Ecology of Reefs, Mangrove, and Seagrasses/Lab
BIOE 165 Marine Conservation Biology
BIOE 171 Disciplinary Communications for Biologists
BIOE 172/L Population Genetics/Lab
BIOL 100 Biochemistry

BIOL 101/L Molecular Biology/Lab

BIOL 110 Cell Biology
BIOL 111A Immunology I
BIOL 113 Endocrinology
BIOL 115 Eukaryotic Molecular Biology

BIOL 120 Development
al Biology
BIOL 125 Intro. to Neuroscience
METX 119 Microbiology
METX 119L Microbiology Lab
 Natural History Field Quarter

Satisfy this requirement by successfully completing TWO of the approved BIOE lab/field courses.
Note: DC courses must be taken at UCSC

Satisfy this requirement with an approved senior exit option.