Undergraduate Research

When asked what was the highlight of their undergraduate education, graduates of UCSC consistently say participating in undergraduate research.  All students are encouraged to seek out opportunities to apply their learning in the context of an undergraduate research project or internship.  The following information introduces the many forms that undergraduate research can take and how to get involved.

Research Courses
Students may receive credit for participating in undergraduate research.  To learn more about the courses, their prerequisites, whether or not they satisfy your major requirements, and how to enroll, visit our Research Courses page. 

Internships Opportunities
Visit UCSC Undergraduate Research Opportunities and the UCSC Career Center for assistance in exploring these options.

Senior Thesis
While a senior thesis is not required for the major, students planning on attending graduate school may want to consider doing a thesis.  Your thesis is an excellent preview of grad school, application material, letter of recommendation, etc.  For an overview of what a senior thesis entails and information on how to submit your thesis, see our Senior Thesis section.