Mathematics Education BA:  Major Requirements

For a printable major checklist (PDF) for the current academic year, click here.


Students may only declare once they have passed all introductory courses or their equivalent courses with a grade of C or better. Students who receive two grades of NP, D, or F in the introductory courses are not eligible to declare in the major or minor. Students who are not eligible to declare may appeal.

Calculus:  MATH 19A + 19B OR MATH 20A + 20B

Linear Algebra:  MATH 21

Vector Calculus:  MATH 23A + MATH 23B

Intro to Proof & Problem Solving: MATH 100


MATH 110 Introduction to Number Theory
MATH 111A Algebra
MATH 128A Classical Geometry: Euclidian & Non-Euclidian
MATH 181 History of Mathematics
MATH 188 Supervised Teaching
AMS 5 Statistics
AMS 131 Introduction to Probability Theory

Analysis:  ONE of the following.
MATH 103A Complex Analysis
MATH 105A Real Analysis

Comprehensive:  MATH 194 Senior Seminar OR MATH 195 Senior Thesis

Disciplinary Communication Requirement (DC):  Students satisfy this requirement by successfully completing courses MATH 100 and either MATH 194 or MATH 195.  The DC course requirement must be taken at UCSC