Scholarships & Awards

Chemistry & Biochemistry

The Doug Drexler Chemistry Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Drexler established this scholarship as a memorial for their son, who graduated with a degree in chemistry. It is designed to recognize outstanding UCSC chemistry and biochemistry undergraduates. Four scholarships, a minimum of $2k each, are given each year to upper division undergraduates who demonstrate academic achievement in chemistry. Candidates to be selected by the Chair of the Chemistry Department.
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The Ellen Renard Memorial Scholarship
In 1988 Mr. Henry Renard established the fund in memory of his daughter. The scholarship is designed to recognize outstanding UCSC chemistry undergraduate students. This is a 4 year scholarship, paid out over 4 years,  which is "renewed" each year as long as the student remains in excellent academic progress. Students receive a certificate presented at the annual Bunnett Lecture and $7,000 each academic year in support of their edcuation.
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The Joseph F. Bunnett Research Prize
The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry established the prize in 2000 to be awarded to seniors majoring in Chemistry or Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB). Faculty researchers are solicited for nominations of students conducting a research project. Awards are based on the nomination package and academic record.
Interested students should email their Research Advisor

The C. Fiore Chemistry Prize
This prize was established by Dr. Daniel Palleros in 2001 in memory of his great aunt, Catalina Fiore, and is funded by the royalties from the sale of his book "Experimental Organic Chemistry." Winners are selected from the students who have completed and excelled in the organic chemistry series, CHEM 108A/L & 108B/M.
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