Physics Education BS:  Major Requirements

For a printable major checklist (PDF) for the current academic year, click here.

NOTE: All courses for the major must be take for a letter grade, see Letter Grade Policy.


Calculus:  MATH 19A + 19B OR MATH 20A + 20B

Advanced Calculus:  MATH 23A + MATH 23B*
*Students may take PHYS 14 in place of MATH 23B

Physics:  PHYS 5A/L + 5B/M + 5C/N + 5D
NOTE: To declare Physics Education as a major, PHYS 5ABC must be completed with a GPA of 2.7 or higher.

Statistics: AMS 5 or AMS 7/L

Astronomy: ASTR 12 or ASTR 13

Education:  ONE of the following.
EDUC 50B Cal Teach 1: Mathematics [2 units]
EDUC 50C Cal Teach 1: Science [2 units]

ADVANCED REQUIREMENTS:  11 total including 2 labs

MATH 100 Introduction to Proof and Problem Solving
MATH 128A Classical Geometry: Euclidian & Non-Euclidian
MATH 181 History of Mathematics

PHYS 102 Modern Physics
PHYS 133 Intermediate Laboratory

Advanced Laboratory:  ONE of the following.
PHYS 134 Physics Advanced Laboratory
PHYS 135 Astrophysics Advanced Laboratory

Education:  ONE of the following.
EDUC 100B Cal Teach 2: Mathematics [2 units]
EDUC 100C Cal Teach 2: Science [2 units]

Intro Teaching:  EDUC 185L Cal Teach 3

Teaching:  ONE of the following.
EDUC 185B Introduction to Teaching Mathematics
EDUC 185C Introduction to Teaching Science

Diversity:  ONE of the following.
EDUC 128 Immigrants and Education
EDUC 141 Bilingualism and Schooling
EDUC 164 Urban Education
EDUC 177 Teaching Diverse Students Math and Science
EDUC 181 Race, Class, and Culture in Education

Electives:  ONE from the following.
Any PHYS courses numbered above 100
Any MATH courses numbered above 100
Any ASTR courses numbered above 100
Any EDUC courses numbered above 100
*NOTE:  Courses appearing more than once may fulfill only one requirement.

Comprehensive:  PHYS 182 Scientific Communication for Physicists AND successful completion of a senior thesis.