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    Astronomy & Astrophysics

    Areas of special interest at UC Santa Cruz include cosmology, the formation and evolution of stars and galaxies, high-energy astrophysics, active galaxies, supernovae and nucleosynthesis, the motions of stars and galaxies, and all aspects of observational optical and infrared astronomy.  The interdisciplinary nature of astronomy, including its historical and philosophical elements, makes its study valuable to those planning careers in a variety of related fields.
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    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

    The BMB program features close faculty-student interaction, small upper-division classes, stimulating learning environments, and opportunities for independent research and study.  The BMB major constitutes an integrated curriculum of basic instruction in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics, followed by the opportunity to pursue advanced study in specialized areas of interest.
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    The general biology majors permit flexibility, but demand careful attention to a student’s own interests and plans. Each student should select courses on the basis of up-to-date information in consultation with a biology faculty adviser whose interests reflect the student’s interests.  Majors include the Biology BS, Biology BA, Biology BA Education Concentration and the Biology minor.
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    Chemistry is central to modern science and, ultimately, most phenomena in biology, medicine, geology, and the environmental sciences can be described in terms of the chemical and physical behavior of atoms and molecules.  The curriculum in chemistry exposes the student to the principal areas of modern chemistry, including organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, and biochemistry.
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    Earth Sciences

    The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences offers a bachelor of science (B.S.) degree program that is designed for students who intend to pursue professional careers in Earth and planetary sciences, engineering, policy, law, teaching, or business or who otherwise desire the broad, quantitative training available at UCSC.
  • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

    Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

    The Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB), is devoted to the study of ecological and evolutionary processes in marine and terrestrial and freshwater environments.  Majors include the Ecology and Evolution BS, Marine Biology BS and Plant Sciences BS.
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    Mathematics is both a fundamental discipline and an essential tool for students of biology, chemistry, computer engineering, computer science, Earth sciences, economics, electrical engineering, information systems management, physics, and psychology.  A strong mathematics background is vital to the advanced study of the physical and biological sciences and plays an integral role in studying the social sciences.
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    Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology

    The Molecular, Cell, & Developmental (MCD) Biology program focuses on questions of how information in DNA is packaged, read, and interpreted in living cells, how those cells are built and regenerated, and how cells work together to comprise a whole organism.  Majors include the Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology BS, Human Biology BS and Neuroscience BS.
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    Physics seeks to discover the fundamental regularities or “laws” that govern our universe and to apply these laws to explain the behavior of fundamental and complex systems.