PBSci Testing Support:  For Faculty

Faculty may choose to arrange testing accommodations themselves or may elect to have PBSci Testing Support make accommodations on their behalf.  If you would like us to make accommodations for your undergraduate course, please email:  testing.pbsci@ucsc.edu 

We will need the following information to provide accommodations:

  • Your exam schedule:  Testing accommodations must be provided for any 'timed and graded course activity' which can include midterms, quizzes, labs, final, etc.  Please send us your complete exam schedule.  
  • Instructor and/or TA contact information:  Students at the remote testing site must have the same access to an instructor or TA as those taking the on-site exam, please provide contact information for you or your TA during the exam.

We use Google Calendar to schedule exam accomodations for students.  Students will receive a Google email confirming their accomodations including the time and place of their exam.  You will also receive a confirmation email with the date, time, room number, and the list of students who have been invited to the exam.

Please coordinate exam drop off and pick up with us.  Our office is located in JBEB Room 147.  If you use Printing Services, please drop off copies of your exam when you pick-up your print order, or leave copies of the exam at Printing Services for us to pick up.  We can also print exams; exam PDFs may also be securely sent to testing.pbsci@ucsc.edu, please include detailed printing instructions. 

Please contact testing.pbsci@ucsc.edu if you have any questions about this process.